Verizon and iKeepSafe's 'BE a PRO Mobile: Connect with Confidence' Program and Twin Cities Public Television's 'SciGirls' Win Prestigious NAMLE 2013 Media Literate Media Award

LOS ANGELES, July 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Verizon and iKeepSafe's "BE a PRO Mobile: Connect with Confidence" Program and Twin Cities Public Television's "SciGirls" were winners of the National Association for Media Literacy Education's (NAMLE) 10th Biennial Media Literate Media Awards (MLM Awards).

Selected by a committee composed of NAMLE Board Members, educators and media literacy experts, the NAMLE Media Literate Media Awards recognize people, programs, initiatives, or organizations in mainstream media that:

About the conference - Intersections: Teaching and Learning Across Media

It was an honor to have everyone at the NAMLE 2013 Conference. Be sure to stay abreast of all we're doing in coming months.

Disruption is a watchword for the time we live in: competing social networking platforms, ever-shifting working styles, novel job descriptions displacing the old, manifold curricular and performance demands. With all these possibilities vying for our buy-in, it is vital to seek commonalities. It is at the intersections that we will begin to make sense and make use of a media revolution well underway and yet incompletely understood by our educational infrastructure. This conference will highlight the role of media literacy educators’ capacity to take a leading role in this nationwide task.